Used Cars – Should I Buy One?

July 23rd, 2016 by
Why Buy Used Cars

Used cars have a major advantage over new ones – affordability. Learn how to find and buy the right one!

Does everyone who needs a car want a brand new car? Of course! But can everyone afford a brand new car? Obviously not, or there wouldn’t be much of a used car market. And here’s the thing – the used car market is way bigger than the new car market – not in terms of dollars but in terms of number of sales. More than 40 million used cars are sold every year. In fact, for every new car that sells, three used cars are sold.

But a lot of people still have some kind of psychological barrier about buying a used car. There have certainly been plenty of bad used car buying experiences over the decades. Less than scrupulous sellers have tampered with odometers to show fewer miles, or have managed to cover up serious damage a car suffered in a previous accident, and so on.

Some people are worried about the buying process – they don’t want to experience high-pressure sales tactics or they don’t like the idea of trying to negotiate a good price. For them, haggling over the price of a used car would be about as pleasant as sucking on a raw lemon.

Speaking of lemons, that’s another big barrier for many people. They don’t like the idea of buying a used car because they’re afraid of being stuck with a lemon. But remember that as the quality of new cars gets better and better, that quality carries over when the new cars become used cars. Still, this is an understandable hang-up for many people since you really don’t know for sure how well the car was treated by its previous owner.

If you’re one of the people who still have reservations about buying a used car and everything that entails, then this blog is for you. We want consumers everywhere to feel confident about their ability to engage the used car process on their own terms. We’re going to be posting articles about every aspect of buying used cars, from giving you tips on how to judge the condition of a used car to knowing your way around financing options to what you should look for when test driving a vehicle.

If you follow this blog on a regular basis, within the space of a few months you’ll be an expert at buying used cars. The information you learn will equip you to quickly determine which used car dealers in your area are the best, and which ones should be avoided. As you share that information with friends and family or write reviews online about your used car buying experiences, then together we’ll be improving the overall used car market one dealership at a time.

Why are we willing to do this? The answer is simple: Because we’re pretty sure that even after you’re fully armed with all the information and expertise about how to buy a used car, then you’ll be able to fully appreciate how the Auto City way is simply better!