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The Newest Used Car Scam

The last thing you want to happen when shopping for a used car for sale privately by its owner is to find yourself the victim of a scam. This article will cover relevant details of the newest used car scam as reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and what you can do to…

Avoid These Common Used Car Scams: Odometer Fraud

Everyone knows that a used car with fewer miles on it is worth much more than the same care with more miles on it. The difference can be thousands of dollars, which is why some people are tempted to tamper with a vehicle’s odometer to roll it back and show fewer miles than the car…

Avoid These Common Used Car Scams: Curbstoning

It would be nice to think that people never get scammed when purchasing a used car, but it does happen and we want you to know about some of the most serious and common scams that happen out there, and how to protect yourself. One of the worst scams is called curbstoning. Curbstoning is when…

Avoid These Common Used Car Scams: VIN Cloning

When someone really wants to hide a vehicle’s history, they may go so far as to put a different vehicle identification number (VIN) on a used car. They’re either trying to cover up the fact that the car has serious problems that haven’t been properly addressed or, as is more often the case, are trying…

Avoid These Common Used Car Scams: Title-Washing

When an insurance company considers a car a total loss because of serious damage that makes repairing it too expensive relative to the car’s value, it will end up with a “branded” title (such as salvage, rebuilt, irreparable, junk, and so on). The problem is that each state has its own ways of naming different…

How To Make Money With Your Car

With many people looking to fill gaps in employment thanks to the global pandemic, it’s worth understanding how there are more ways than ever for putting your car to work in order to make money. There are both full-time and side-hustle opportunities, but which ones are really worth it? What are the pros and cons…

Fuel Economy Fact and Fiction

The highest prices for gasoline are almost always being paid by drivers in the state of California. Right now the average price of gasoline in the state is around $3.80/gallon, though it’s well above $4/gallon in Los Angeles. Lots of people are looking for ways to get more miles out of every gallon of gas…

How to Become an Educated Car Shopper

Auto City launched The Used Car Blog in July 2016 in order to start a revolution in the used car industry. The goal of our effort is simple: To help anyone become an educated car shopper. Why is this part of our mission? We know many used car dealerships and used car salespeople have created…

First-Time Car Buyers Beware! Watch Out for These Sneaky Tricks

Few things are as exciting as purchasing your first car. It’s an important purchase as well, representing what will be the biggest purchase you make after your housing expense. This is one decision you want to get right, which raises the stakes enough that the process can become way more stressful than anyone needs or…

Auto City Announces Driveo: A Better Way to Sell Your Car in San Diego

When Auto City opened its doors a decade ago, our mission was to completely change how people shop for used cars. We looked at every aspect of the typical used car buying process, identified all the pieces of the puzzle we knew people didn’t like and just eliminated them. Haggling on a price? Gone. Instead,…

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