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We Rock At Car Loans!

The last thing you want to do is spend as much time shopping for a car loan as you spend shopping for a car. No worries – we’ve got you covered! In addition to offering quality used cars at unbeatable prices, we also work with top lenders for the ultimate convenience in finding the financing you need.

Let Top Lenders Compete for Your Business

Whether your credit score is high, low, or somewhere in-between, Auto City has a financing program for you. We have strong relationships with some of the best banks and auto lenders in the industry, including Wells Fargo, Chase, Capital One, Ally, Americredit, CRB, local credit unions, and more. They will all be competing for your business. And when you submit your secure application online, you’ll get a decision in minutes. We handle everything for you so you don’t have to worry about it, saving you hours and hours of time and effort. Below is the secure form for you to fill out to get approved today:

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Worried about challenged credit?

It doesn’t matter what your challenge is, we can still get financing for your car. We’ll help you understand the options and advise you on what’s possible for your situation. Many of the lenders we work with have programs designed for any situation, and because they’re competing against each other for your business, you’ll be getting a better deal.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about financing:

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do, and we are very good at it! We have exclusive relationships with some of the best banks, credit unions and other lenders in the industry. Whether your credit is spotless or spotty at best, we will work hard to get you the best auto loan to match your needs. Watch this short video for more information or apply now.

To learn more about financing, please read our blog post: Get Your Next Car Loan at Auto City!

Can you beat my bank or credit union?

Yes we can! Quite often we are able to get better terms for our customers than their bank or credit union. And if we can’t, we will gladly work with your lender. Want to know if we can do better? Fill out our short financing application and we will go to work for you to deliver the best possible terms!

I have a pre-approval from my bank, will you accept it?

Yes, we will gladly work with most banks, credit unions, or other auto lenders. If you want, we can even try to beat the approval you already have!

How much money down do I need?

We often arrange loans with no money down. However, this may not be possible for some customers, and a down payment may be required to finance a vehicle. The required amount depends on many factors, most of which depend on the vehicle itself and your credit. In order to know how much money down you need, please fill out a short financing application and we will let you know.

How do I apply?

Our application process is very easy and starts with a short online form. We then review your application and let you know by email or telephone if we have any questions or need more information. Once we’ve finished our initial review of your application, we’ll send it off electronically to our carefully selected network of banks and lenders. These lenders all know they’re competing with each other to get your business, and it’s awesome to see multiple offers come rolling in all geared towards your needs and profile. Then we scan all the offers we receive from our network and choose the ones that fit your situation. You are only a few clicks away from a car loan! Apply now.

If I put more money down, will my interest be lower?

The amount of money down is only one factor that influences your interest rate. The vehicle’s age, your credit and income, and other factors are also important. Depending on the situation, more money down may or may not affect your interest rate. Please contact one of our friendly sales & finance advisors or fill out our short financing application and we will let you know.

What banks or lenders do you work with?

We work with some of the best banks and lenders in the auto industry, many of which you will recognize, such as Wells Fargo, CapitalOne, Chase, Ally, California Republic Bank, local credit unions, and many more. We also work with a network of specialized lenders with a focus on customers with challenged credit. Perfect credit or not, we can find a lender for you.

Can I pay off my loan sooner and is there a prepayment penalty?

Yes, you can pay off your car loan sooner and at any time without any prepayment penalties.

What are your interest rates?

Interest rates vary greatly and depend on many factors, including your credit, the vehicle’s age and condition, the length of the loan, and more. This is especially true for customers with not-so-perfect or challenged credit. We work with many lenders and are able to secure competitive rates available for your credit tier. To figure out your rate, please submit a quick financing application and we will get back to you in minutes!

Will the price be better if I pay cash?

The selling price is the same regardless if the vehicle is paid for in cash or financed. However, loan interest has to be taken into account as part of the overall cost of ownership when financing a vehicle.

Have more questions? Check out our common questions page.