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Auto City Announces Driveo: A Better Way to Sell Your Car in San Diego

Auto City Announces Driveo: A Better Way to Sell Your Car in San Diego

Introducing Driveo in San Diego

Introducing Driveo – a better way to sell your car in San Diego!  Selling your car to Driveo is as easy, safe and hassle free! Get a quote for your car online in minutes, bring your car to Driveo only if you are happy with the quote, sell your car and catch a complimentary ride to anywhere in San Diego!

When Auto City opened its doors a decade ago, our mission was to completely change how people shop for used cars. We looked at every aspect of the typical used car buying process, identified all the pieces of the puzzle we knew people didn’t like and just eliminated them. Haggling on a price? Gone. Instead, we present firm, up-front competitive pricing. Worrying about buying a lemon? Gone. Instead, our superior selection presents only the best of the best, and every vehicle has a history report, so you know what we know about each car. Feeling pressured? Gone. Instead, we let you set the pace of the process, moving as fast or as slow as you want. Having second thoughts? Gone. Our 3-day money-back guarantee means you can get a full refund, no questions asked. After a decade of showing people a different way to buy used cars, we decided it was time to also transform the way people sell a car when the time comes. We are pleased to introduce Driveo, a better way to sell your car in San Diego.

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Driveo in San Diego: A Better Option than Trading in or Selling Privately

When you get to the point that you’re saying to yourself, “I really need to sell my car,” most people think they only have two options: Either trade it in at a dealership or sell it on their own privately. People who do their homework to figure out which option is better often find themselves unhappy with the details of both methods. Here’s why:

Trading in your car: If you check online to find out what your car is worth, such as examining the Kelly Blue Book Value or Edmunds True Market Value , you’ll notice that the lowest end of the range is what a dealership is likely to offer you on a trade-in deal, and it tends to be a depressingly low amount. If getting the most money for your car is a priority, this option probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for. The advantage, of course, is that the dealership makes the process very fast and easy, handling all the paperwork for you. The sheer convenience of the transaction is attractive to many, and even more so when you find out how much time and effort it takes to safely sell your car privately on your own. For the quick picture on how we do better, see Driveo versus Dealer Trade-In .

Selling Your Car Privately: The high end of the range for your car’s worth is going to be what you might get for it if you sell it privately on your own. The key word here is might. Although a private sale by owner typically gets you the most money for your car, there is no guarantee that it will. When you factor in all the work you’ll have to put into it, and the risks and liabilities you take on during the process, it’s enough to make many people have second thoughts. To do it right, you have to have the time and patience to clean your car up and make it look as new as possible, complete service and maintenance that’s due, gather or obtain all your service, maintenance and repair records, write up well-crafted ad, take all the right photos, post your ad and photos in multiple venues, respond to all the inquiries you get (many of which won’t even be serious buyers), meet with serious buyers, and hopefully conclude a sale, safely accept a payment, and properly transfer ownership. You also have to know enough about all the different ways scammers will try to cheat you so you can protect yourself, not to mention the risks you take on by meeting with complete strangers, some of whom could be criminals looking to rob you. Also keep in mind that the industry average among the professionals to sell a car is 60 days. How confident are you that you can do better? Maybe you’ll get lucky, but maybe you won’t. Is it a gamble you’re willing to take? See how we do better at Driveo versus Selling on Your Own .

You can see why so many people wish there were an alternative to these two options out there. The good news is that a third option is available: Driveo!

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The Best Way to Cruise in and Cash Out is at Driveo in El Cajon

Our goals in creating Driveo were to take the best aspects of the two traditional ways to sell your car in San Diego while getting rid of their negatives. From the trade-in option, we keep the convenience aspect while getting rid of the low price it usually results in. From the private sale option, we get rid of all the hassles and stress and keep the higher price aspect. With Driveo, you get the best of both worlds and none of bad stuff. Here’s how it works:

Tell Us About Your Ride: Driveo has a short online form that walks you through a few basic questions about your car and what kind of shape it’s in. You can include photos and the VIN number if you want, but those aren’t required for you to get a quote.
Get a Quote in Minutes: Driveo staff will appraise your vehicle based on your information and email you a trusted Driveo quote. While these offers are generated quickly, we’re proud to say our quotes are not automated or instant. A real person does the market research needed to come up with fair and competitive a quote.
Set Up an Appointment: Your Driveo quote is valid for 30 days, which gives you all the time you need to make an appointment to come to Driveo. We’ll need to verify everything about the car, make any needed adjustments, and then present you with a final offer. If you like the offer, we’ll cut you a check and you can be on your way.
Get a Ride: If you need a ride, we’ll take you anywhere in San Diego county, free of charge.
Secure, Immediate Payment: No waiting period, no grace period, no third-parties handling your money – this is why we call it the cruise in and cash out process.
All Sales Final: You don’t have to worry about dealing with an unhappy buyer if something goes wrong with the car after the sale.
We Take Each Car As Is: With Driveo you don’t have to worry about smog checks or taking care of needed service or repairs – we’ll handle all of that for you.
Zero Interaction with DMV: Selling your car privately on your own can mean several trips to the DMV to make sure all the right paperwork happens. Driveo handles all of that paperwork for you so you’ll never have to set foot in the DMV.
Car Not Paid off? This is something that make a private sale difficult if not impossible. No so at Driveo – we’ll pay off your loan and give you the difference between the agreed upon price and the amount you owe.
No Headaches or Hassles: When you sell your car to Driveo, you don’t have to deal with all inquiries in a private sale, meeting strangers, dealing with no-shows or trying to avoid scammers.

Driveo - better way to sell your car in San Diego

Driveo: The Rationale and the Reviews

At Driveo, we don’t just buy cars, we sell them too. Over the last 10 years, we’ve bought and sold thousands of cars, and appraised even more. Like most car dealerships, we’ve relied heavily on wholesale car auctions for our inventory, but this is always risky since we don’t get a chance to inspect the cars we’re purchasing. We finally realized that buying cars directly from you just makes more sense. We get to cut out the middlemen and eliminate the risk of uncertainty by quickly getting to know your specific vehicle. You end up with more cash for your ride and we end up with better cars, which means everyone wins.

You might be thinking that this all sounds great, but do real people’s experiences with Driveo match up? So far, the answer to that question seems to be YES. We’re receiving 5-star ratings on both Yelp and Google that show just how happy people are when they cruise in cash out at Driveo in El Cajon. You’ll also notice the ones who mention that we beat the prices offered by competitors. We’re also proud to see how many reviews highlight the friendliness of the Driveo staff members who helped them get a fair price for their vehicles. More and more people in and around San Diego are discovering that the Driveo way of selling your car is simply better. Ready to find out for yourself? Start the process now to get an online quote !