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The Importance of Submitting an Online Review of a Used Car Dealership

The Importance of Submitting an Online Review of a Used Car Dealership

Review your used car dealer

Car shoppers can help improve the used car industry by submitting an online review of their experience at a dealership

If you’ve recently purchased a used car from a dealership, we hope you’re loving your new ride! But there’s something really important you need to do before the whole car-buying experience becomes a distant memory: Please take the time to write up a review and submit it to a site such as DealerRater, Yelp, or Google. Why? This is your chance to help make the world a better place. Well, at least the world of used car shopping!

Whether your experience was awesome or horrible, your review will help others to either find a great dealership or avoid a terrible one. A negative review might even help a dealership rise to the occasion and make changes to improve its business practices. If it’s sounding like your review is really important, that’s because it is! You can play a part in helping improve the used car industry, one review at a time.

If you had a great experience buying from a particular used car dealership, give as much detail as you can about why it was a good experience. Think about all the different aspects of used car buying process – how was the selection? What were the prices like? Was there any kind of guarantee or warranty? Did the dealership help you line up financing if you needed it and what was that like? What was it like working with a particular salesperson? Give the person’s name and how they were helpful to you.

If your review is going to be negative, first contact the dealership and find out if they are willing to correct anything that was wrong with the car or the process – it’s only fair to give them a chance to make amends, and their response would be important to include in your review. Be as specific as possible about what parts of the process or the people or the cars weren’t good because it gives the dealership the information they need to make improvements. And it gives other used car shoppers the chance to decide if they want to risk shopping at that dealership or not.

One of the best sites for used car dealership reviews is DealerRater because it’s specifically designed for places that sell cars. Google and Yelp are also great, but their rating systems aren’t specifically designed for car dealerships, so it’s a little more generic, although you can still spell out the particulars of your experience in your written comments. At DealerRater, you’ll be prompted to give 1-5 star ratings for five different aspects of the dealership: Customer Service, Quality of Work, Friendliness, Pricing, and your Overall Experience. You can say yes or no to whether or not you recommend the dealer, and in some cases you can even highlight the specific employee(s) you dealt with in order to give them praise or criticism.

Whichever site you decide to use, the most important thing is that you take the time to write up a detailed review of your experience. After all, it’s your best chance to help others have a better experience and improve the used car industry for everyone.

If you have purchased a used car from Auto City, please let us and our potential customers know about your experience with us. Your feedback, good or bad, is very important for us. Obviously we love to hear when our customers are happy but we also learn from the feedback our customers give us. These are the main websites for used car dealer reviews – DealerRater , Yelp , and Google .